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2022 - year of the Zeitenwende

Are Germans allowed to laugh?

Lockdown Now!

The Wirecard trial begins

Weekly digest, Dec. 18th 2022

Putting Twitter back in its box

Turning activists into criminals?

Shunning the father of German unity

Weekly roundup, Dec 10th

Merkel's falling star

Mad prince Heinrich

Olaf Scholz - know-it-all or genius?

Winners of the ethics World Cup

Share my content, get a reward

Weekly roundup, Dec 3rd 2022

Firing blanks or getting fired?

Magic tricks at the Finance Ministry

Universal suffrage at last!

China's Zero Covid: Germany's amnesia

The week in brief, Nov. 26th

Leaving Mali - the last foreign adventure?

The theocracy has fallen!

Blackouts - nothing to see here

Strikes averted - good or bad news?

Universal income, new friends, new elections

Berlin outdoes itself in Berlin-ness

Breaking with Covid quarantines

Did the CDU just work with the AfD?

Is this a universal basic income?

Boxing in Beijing

Magic televisions, cyclists at the wheel

A 'car hater' joins the board of VW

The media bombshell of the year

Comedians, comrades and the climate

Can climate protests kill?

The Nazi terror cell and the comedian

Is Germany losing friends in Brussels?

Germany has become a country of Trumpites

Legalising cannabis to protect children

Understanding German ties to China

The maverick town mayor

Scholz comes out for Beijing

Are German children getting dumber?

Olaf Scholz has had enough

Interview: Germans are 'brainwashed' on renewables

The call to prayer over Cologne

Refugee arrivals - a repeat of 2015?

'You can never build a secure system on wind alone'

Analysing the election in Lower Saxony

The battle for a deserted village

What an upset in Lower Saxony would mean

Why do east Germans sympathize with Russia?

Is Germany too silent on Iran?

Nord Stream - more thoughts

Who was behind the attack on Nord Stream?

Should Germany spend its way out of this crisis?

Shooting himself in the foot?

A bloody nose for Big Brother?

Avoiding a German Lehman Brothers

Oktoberfest at last...!

On Germany's new dole system

Republic or monarchy - which is better?

Clocking into work

Can anti-Semitism be art?

Can a Leopard change its spots?

Reminder: spread the word

The public's darling no more?

These are the winter's Covid rules

Spread the word

A boxing match in the Bundestag

The nuclear decision has arrived

The 'massive' relief fund arrives

Groundhog day at the airport

Scorning the ordinary voter?

Getting paid to speed?

A reckoning for a classic children's author

The 'naked' men

Should Germany open up Nord Stream 2?

Polish-German relations. Or the smell of dead fish

Street protests - playing Putin’s game?

A cluster of police killings

The Rhine is running dry

The millions of missing workers

Boycotting the Munich massacre memorial

The mystery €200,000 in cash

Does super cheap rail travel have a future?

€10 billion in tax relief

Will the gas last through the winter?

Germany’s public broadcaster - rotten to the core?

Wild fires: a new threat to Germany?

How to deal with China?

Gerd goes to Moscow (Part II)

An online magazine for German news

The reality behind the U-turn

The Greens are showing Olaf up

Ukraine is right to snub Germany

Germany - a sham democracy?

Drill, baby, drill!

Understanding German trade interests in Russia

Brandenburg's blood sausage

How the big beasts got it wrong

Bull in a china shop diplomacy

Trapped in the Trial

Understanding German energy dependency

The AfD's new meekness

Tearing down the wall

The environmentalist buying the world's oil

How good is the Bundeswehr?

The Wunschkonzert is over

On natural disasters in Germany

Is Merz the saviour of Germany's CDU?

A big few days for German diplomacy

On the German trans-debate

The death of Germany's 'best' businessman

Germany's invisible Chancellor

The artery of Germany's energy revolution

Dying in uniform: are German police under threat?

New man at the ECB, SPD Ukraine talks, Covid demos

The German army's Freudian slip

Pod #2: a lesson from Iraq?

'Respecting' Putin

Drosten and the emails on Covid origins

The pursuit of the real Angela Merkel

On Germany's new government's plans for wind

Covid rules in the German parliament

Early splits in Germany's government?

German vaccine mandates - the timeline

Bavaria vs. the unvaccinated

The east German as victim and villain

How will Germany approach Russia?