Sitemap - 2023 - The German Review

A baby break

Heading for budgetary brake-down?!

The squabbling siblings

When ambiguity isn't an option

Does work still pay in Germany?

Germany's deportation dilemma: high stakes in Scholz' migration masterplan

Will a new Left-wing party shake up German politics?

Politics weekly: How does Germany's far-Right view the Gaza conflict?

Germany's cultural clash over Gaza: a breaking point?

Politics Weekly: State elections, support for Israel, and emerging parties

Poland vs. Germany: questioning myths about immigration, safety, and prosperity

Germany's housing crisis: empty promises, rising costs and elusive solutions

Why the cranes are standing still

Green dream land

Scholz in Africa

Warning: contains (not) banned word

What you are not being told about jailed 'activist' Jamshid Sharmahd

Psycho-drama + Berlin logjam + Russia plot

Dancing pensioners + catholic 'cover up'

Bild blues + Merkel the great

Nuclear exit + Merkel award

Climate civil war + military heroes + Baerbock in China

Ambassador out + weed in + Macron fail

Peace marches + truck strike + parlour game

AI mishap + groundhog day + post-Vac

NATO expansion + olive green + pork

Fly-tipping + self-ID + Syrian mayor

Royal visit + strikes + climate kicks

Unwieldy names + Chancellery new build + strikes

No speeding + casus belli + Beethoven's DNA

Reichsbürger raid + coalition strife + Dachau

Voting reform passes + AfD ahead of Greens + award-winning play 'cancelled'

A zombie from the Wirtschaftswunder

Voting reform + 'abysmal' army + gun laws

Suspended spies + belt tightening + 'kamikaze'

Hamburg shooting + White Rose + heating debate

Lockdown IQ drop ++ royal family ends legal battle

A very German word...

Burn after reading

It's all quiche to me

A smouldering debate

Time to ditch the autobahn?

Early retirement - a gift to the rich?

Wirecard's CEO breaks his silence

The return of Germany-bashing?

It's the cars stupid

The miracle of Mainz

A view to kill (the climate) for?

The end of German wealth?

Spy chief turned extremist?

The 'Soli': a tax on the rich?

The demise of German punctuality

Why the tank deal is smart for Germany

Some thoughts on battle tanks

Minister of Defence - a man's job?

Worshipers of the coconut

A headache for Scholz

Where is the red line?

The throw-away society

Time to take away the guns?

Interview: 'A brilliant piece of Russian espionage'

Should she stay or should she go?

What explains Berlin's New Year riots?