Sitemap - 2021 - The German Review

Understanding German Covid lingo

Germany's new government is in place

Who is the real Angela Merkel?

Germany's high court gives the thumbs up

An apology - 60 years too late

How well the vaccines actually work

Here's Germany's new coalition agreement

Would vaccine mandates work for Germany?

On the problem with German hospitals

When the White Death hit Germany

A lockdown for Germany's unvaccinated

Dealing with Minsk: German attitudes harden

Knife attack on a German high speed train

Covid is back... and so is the finger wagging

Who is Germany's next Chancellor?

Horny editors, thorny editors

German self-deception on energy costs

A final end to lockdowns

Coalition finances / Joshua Kimmich

Farewell to the Frankfurt falcon

On the demise of Julian Reichelt

Who judges the judges?

A Germany winter of discontent?

Why Germany's CDU hate the word 'opposition'

Scholz will be a weak Chancellor

6 things you haven’t yet heard about Germany's election

Who to vote for in the German election?

On the success of Germany's Green party

On the German pension system

Not so boring after all...

On the move to expropriate Berlin property

On the German love of foraging for mushrooms

Is doubling Germany's rail traffic the answer?

Explaining German vaccine hesitancy

Kidz, cars & yobs

Over-treatment, under-assistance

The greatest Ponzi scheme in German history

Time for Baerbock to step aside?

Was it all worth it?

All smiles in Saarland

The chaos at Germany's financial regulators

Britain - rival or adversary?

Never complain, never explain

A little prick

Waldsterben: the 1980s German panic with modern parallels

A bad night for the AfD

Ghosts of the US past

The next goldrush

The best from May

Another mea culpa in the works?

Backing Israel, come what may

The return of the Verbotspartei

German reasoning - not worth a tinker's damn?

The German Che Guevara

Why we need to talk about German attitudes to England

Party time for Oma and Opa

The Green party need to release the brake

Free yourself from opinions

The passive parliament

German rents aren't the real problem

Everyone’s a loser

The left-wing loner

Green decision day

The Easter blip

The next Chief of Berlin!

The elusiveness of German power

The new king of electro!

The prohibition paradox

AstraZeneca & the moral imperative

Knives out for the CDU

Four days that changed Germany

The big taboo

The masked vigilante

You are what you read

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How should Germans live?

Why some German companies are making remarkable profits, despite the pandemic

A dubious amnesty for Germany's elite soldiers

‘Lab leak’ goes mainstream

The debate: should Germany ditch the new Russian pipeline?

Germany's shooting gender star

Lockdown breakdown; all hail the sandal

The Green election

Shaggy politicians, Merkel meets the masses, German innovation takes off

The Verdachtsfall

Where are the excess deaths?

Introducing Hochhaus longform

Toying with the CDU's fetish

Der Spiegel's ivory tower

Open up the schools!

Where do we go from here?

What the CDU leadership result means

The Queen's Gambit

Time to yank the dragon's tail?

Help us grow!

The party is over

Sinful sledgers, poisonous needles and precious metals