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As the next step for our paying members, we are launching the Hochhaus Discord Forum, where we will post and comment on the news on an ongoing basis, and where you can join the discussion.

With the pandemic continuing, and Merkel leaving office, there is a lot going on this year.

  • Any time major news breaks we will keep you up to date on our breaking news channel.

  • The government is starting to lose its grip on the pandemic narrative. Business leaders and private citizens alike are fed up with the never-ending lockdown, never-arriving financial aid, and the stuttering vaccine rollout. Follow the latest and join the discussion on our corona channel.

  • After 16 years, Angela Merkel is bowing out at this year’s federal election. On September 22nd, Germany will wake up to a new era. Who will be the new Bundeskanzler and how will the next government shape Germany’s future? Join in the debate on our election 2021 channel.

  • You can also join in debates on anything we’ve been writing about, posting your own links and opinions. You can give tips on topics you’d like us to touch on, and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

Join us on Discord (via the phone app, desktop app, or browser) as we post and discuss the latest developments on these subjects and much more.

Our ambition is to turn the Discord Forum into a vibrant community for expats (and Germans alike) to talk about German politics and society!

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