I am one of those voters who have would have been a natural CDU voter but have moved to the AFD (with minor reservations) for the simple reason I don't trust them - I see them as part of the elite who have discarded the norms that made the post war Germany/Europe prosperious. Choosing instead to embrace the wacy/woke left. From the green insanity (your podcast on that was excellent) to opening the flood gates of migrants to come and "sponge off the system" while at the same time calling anyone who asks questions a far right Nazi. How can I believe anything will change simply because someone else i in charge.

The second point, more important point, is when does a democracy become just a farce - You vote the wrong way no issue we'll just cancel your vote. As you pointed we have these ridiculous coalition governments all designed to keep the AFD out of power - But as the "elite" are finding out, it doesn't help, it simply drives more moderate voters like myself to them.

Keep up the great work I'm really enjoying your analysis!

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