Thanks for a great article. A broader question on possible corruption in politics in Germany - it seems that overall, there seems to be less public accountability (via parliamentary inquires and the like) for these kinds of incidents - as evinced by the distinict lack of accountability for the Wirecard scandal.

Has the level of accountability for political corruption decreased since reunification, or was there simply never much accountability to begin with?

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Hi Eric,

There was a parliamentary inquiry into the Wirecard scandal. in the end the parties couldn't agree on common conclusions so there were three different reports at end of it. See my piece here: https://www.thegermanreview.de/p/the-chaos-at-germanys-financial-regulators-c38

The big affair that springs to mind from before unification is the Spendenaffäre in which the CDU took millions in undeclared donations.

Coming from the UK, i'd say that there are fewer cases of rank ineptitude and sleaze at the top of German politics than in Westminster. German corruption often seems more subtle and harder to find a smoking gun on

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Thank you! Had missed that article.

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