Dear Jörg,

Branch in English means Niederlassung in German. In your article when you used "branch", you meant to say industry or sector, i.e. drugstores are probably in the the pharmaceutical or retail sector or in both!

Keep up the good work!

All the best,

Kristi Decke

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Listening on BBC Radio 3 to a concert given in Glasgow by Anushka Shankar playing a concert for sitar and orchestra by her famous father Ravi Shankar, I remembered Ravi’s first concert in Munich in the early 1960s. It wasn’t given in on of the established concert halls - but in the Rudolf Steiner school. I remember it vividly, the concert as much as the building’s architecture without any square angles.

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to link the anthroposophical philosophy with Querdenker is unfair . It seems to be a popular bullying tactic to label anyone with a different view than the mainstream media a conspiracy theorist or Querdenke. This is insulting and othering and must stop. I am vaccinated but pro choice for my fellow citizens that choose not to be. After all isn’t that what a democracy should be protecting? CHOICE

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