No to cannabis, American commies in East Germany, and the best of October

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November is here and, starting tomorrow, there’ll be a four-week lockdown on much of public life. So here’s some other news to help take your mind off things.


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As we have so many new readers who might have missed some of our previous stories, here’s a recap of our best long reads from October.

The best of October

  • “The glock, the bicycle and the wig” A court case started in Berlin this month in which the persecution’s case reads like a film script. An assassin, wearing a wig and carrying a silenced pistol, cycled through a central Berlin park at midday, where he shot a fugitive who’d once fought Russia in the Caucasus. We describe how a small British website uncovered the plot behind the murder.

    The bicycle… © imago images / Olaf Wagner

Coming up…

  • On Tuesday the three men who want to become the next leader of the CDU will be answering questions during a live debate in Berlin. Given the explosive statements Friedrich Merz made last week about a conspiracy to stop him from becoming leader, it should be a pretty tasty affair.

  • Next Saturday there is going to be an anti-lockdown demo in Leipzig. After protests in Spain and Italy turned violent this weekend, there is likely to be an even heavier police presence than usual.

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