Merkel and the masks: the week in review

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Share Hochhaus - Letter from Berlin

Merkel’s loss of control

In early September 2015 the dams burst. Fruitless attempts to find a ‘European solution’ to the refugee crisis ended in Angela Merkel’s Alleingang: In 2016 Germany took in 70 percent of all refugees seeking asylum in Europe before the EU-Turkey deal reduced the surge.

What’s happened this week?

  • The devastating fire at the Moria refugee camp on the remote Greek island Lesbos is a stark reminder that the refugee crisis is not over - the EU has just pushed the problem out of sight…

  • Among leading German politicians, opinions on how Germany should help varied from taking in 5.000 of the 13.000 homeless refugees to none at all

  • But the fighting spirit of 2016 which almost split the CDU and led way to the rise of the AfD is gone - Germany quickly settled on offering immediate help to 150 underage children

Masks at demos - danger or safety?

Berlin has just introduced a law making face masks compulsory at demonstrations. Which is a bit strange, as the city has another law banning covering your face at protests. We tried to get a coherent answer out of the interior ministry…

What’s happened this week?

  • Police will control who enters a left-wing demo in Leipzig today after three days of violence last weekend

  • Another corona demo was broken up by the police on Saturday, this time in Munich

  • An American tourist almost single-handedly caused a coronavirus outbreak in Garmish that has led to the city banning meetings of more than five people. She partied for several nights, each time in a different bar. Over 20 soldiers at a US military base where she was staying were also infected.

Sunday reading

  • Jörg visited the Baltic Sea port at the eye of the Nord Stream 2 storm to meet the local officials being threatened with US sanctions

  • What happened on September 4th, 2015? Die Zeit’s detailed chronicle of the events is a fascinating read (in English or German)

  • The Economist agrees with Daniel Brücker from the Institut für Arbeitsmarkt und Berufsforschung whom we quoted in our piece - Germany is better at integration than in the past

  • The Sommerloch award went to a naked man chasing a hungry boar and her offspring at a Berlin lake. This article from NPR nicely explains why we shouldn’t get too sentimental about the cute boar family

  • The BBC has an interesting piece on Germany’s plans to build a satellite launchpad in the North Sea

Who we are:

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Axel Bard Bringéus: Started his career as a journalist for the leading Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet and has spent the last decade in senior roles at Spotify and as a venture capital investor. In Berlin since 2011.

Share Hochhaus - Letter from Berlin